Friday, October 9, 2009

There she goes

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was actually a cute little girl who didn't smoke, go to clubs and drink?

I certainly do. That's because my favorite movie in the whole wide world is "The Parent Trap" where she played two characters, Annie James and Hallie Parker. London meets Napa Valley!

Anyhow, I was surfing through the web the other day. Actually, I was internet shopping and I stumbled upon the cutest jacket ever. Or well, I think its cute because I've been searching for it since the first time I watched the parent trap.

And here it is.

It's the jacket on the right, however, if there are no sizes or for some reason it just doesn't look good on me, my second pick is the one on the left. Pretty cute as well, right? (Well I certainly think so! I love the british influence. I also like khaki. haha)

Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker wore it in this scene, except the jacket was WHITE!

anyways, since we're on the parent trap topic, why not share some more pictures?

Heres Hallie and Annie at Camp. (Boy, I'd love to go to a camp like that for summer!)

Annie acting as Hallie with her father, Nick Parker at their winery.

Hallie as Annie with her beautiful mother, Elizabeth James.

Oh how I'd love to live in london.

<3 The Dinner date!

Speaking of London, how fabulous would it be to have a trenchcoat? I always wanted one as well. This is from Zara kids. Yes, kids. If you didn't already know, I wear kids clothes simply because my body structure is too childish to wear "regular" sizes.


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Karen said...

At least clothes are cheaper for you. ;P

I LOVED the Parent Trap!