Sunday, April 19, 2015

Berkeley date // My favorite hat

I dabbled in a bit of fashion photography during Spring Break. It was fun but kind of tiring and not exactly me. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sorry for video spamming. Happy mood = lots of sharing

Such a cute video! Super catchy too.

I'm looking for new music for my daily runs :) I'm up to 11 miles today! When I reach 50 miles, I will buy myself some decent yoga pants from LuluLemon and maybeee, when I reach 100 miles, I will buy myself new nike shoes!

In between all of that, I'd really love to join some half marathons or 5ks. Although I'm not sure if i'm up for yet.. Regardless, I'm trying! ^_^

Favorite favorite favoriteeee blogger. :)

Her name is Christabel Chua and she is the most adorable blogger in Singapore. :)

I'm so proud of how much growth Singapore has achieved throughout the years. Even though I was not born there, all my roots lead back to that tiny awesome country and I hope to visit my family there soon. Who knows, maybe I'll live there one day!

Just kidding, it's too hot. I can only stand the heat for so long.

Check out her adorable youtube videos below :)

^^ This one is my favorite because her boyfriend, Joal, is hillarious!

^^ This is the video that made me fall in love with Christabel. 

^^ How they met. hahaha

^^ It helps that she loveeeeesss collecting soft toys like me :) I've wanted a jellycat for like evers, but I always tend to buy Jellycat Bunnies for little babies, particularly for my nieces Alex and MeiHao :)

Obviously she is not perfect, NO ONE IS ANYWAYS. :) But watching her videos and reading her thought posts really make me happy. I would really like to meet her one day and be as confident and adorable as she is in the future ^_^

Also, I hear she's really nice to old people and has great respect for the elderly. While I am a pretty respectful person, this is something I've always had problems with as a child. Mostly because I don't speak Chinese very well or at all, and I feel so AWKWARD calling people "Auntie" and "Uncle" when they are not my auntie or uncle. (This is something people do in Singapore..)

It's kinda unhealthy the way I love to watch youtube videos like BubzVlogs and AndyMetSonia, daily!

Whatever tho, I hope she stops receiving so much bad backlash :( 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So so so happy

Aside from the fact that I kind of maybe slightly broke my DSLR today.... I feel as if these next 8 weeks will be really happy and fruitful and the 5 weeks prior to today have been nothing short of bliss.

The beginning of every quarter is always so hopeful and full of life, but this quarter is different because it will be my very last quarter of school, F O R E V E R. (That is, unless I decide to go to grad school) And since no one reads this blog anyways, I have decided to tell you exactly why I am so happy. :)

1. I'm the Media Coordinator of the A.S. Bike Committee on campus and I have never felt like my voice has been more heard in my life! I mean, yea..I'm still super shy and sometimes I don't voice my opinions but the group of students I work with are the best!! Like, really. :)

2. Seeing that I don't have thousands upon thousands of fans, I'm definitely not a social media guru, however, I'm really proud of myself for being able to nitpick at different Instagram sites in order to determine what is really working for the audience and what appears aesthetically pleasing. This helps with many of my marketing positions.

3. The realization that I know exactly what I want to be in the future and which company I want to work for. While I may not get to work at Method Soap in San Francisco, there is a likely chance that I may become the Corporate Sustainability Officer of what I hope to be a super cool company. :) If I don't get to work at a super cool company, I will make it cool!!!!!!!!!  (Anything is possible as long as I have a great team to work with..)

4. I finally learned how to use the manual mode on my DSLR. I've been composing photos for years using auto..So silly. Unlocking manual has opened a whole new world of photography to me. :)

5. My little sister's condition is getting a bit better. :) She is walking faster and has an opinion, sometimes too many opinions, especially about McDonalds. But whatever, I embrace all aspects of her because there was a period of time when I never thought she would hold my hand or walk upstairs to my room to ask me to play with her. While I am not certain those days are completely over, her recent improvements show hope!

6. Genuinely being happy about the smallest things. Particularly, smiling at eachother in the dark when it's time to sleep. That is all I decided to share.. And buying socks!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

oh no oh no oh no

I created this blog in 2007 with the intent to journal and write out my favorite or worst memories to the best ability I can, for me.

Whether this blog attracts 5 viewers, 83, 100 or none at all. I don't quite care. :)

Instagram has sucked me into a hole of no return. I have undoubtedly become rather obsessed with photography and absolutely in love with posting pictures and staring at my carefully planned feed.

I thought it was fun. It really was! But.. I think I've spent a little too much time on there and I should back away to post photos/stories/videos of things I truly care about.. for myself.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Decision Analysis

At first glance, I knew I would fall in love with the topic of this course, however, for lack of better terms, I was not ready to be mind blown in the very first lecture. As an environmental studies major and marketing intern for various groups, I’ve gathered the idea that analyzing the way people make decisions is a crucial step in determining and finding a solution to a problem. However, although it is quite obvious, it never dawned on me that the psychology behind decision-making is essential to nearly everything.

When one thinks of decision analysis, they may immediately reminisce to a point in their lives when they had to make a very crucial decision. But what I learned in the very first lecture is that the decisions which create change are honestly, all incremental. And, while I thought deciding on which college to attend 4 years ago was the most life changing decision of my life, little factors like deciding to study for the SAT’s every weekend leading up to my senior year, making an effort in my high school classes, and getting involved with specific clubs were honestly the real key factors which got me to the point where I am today as a student at UC Santa Barbara. The reason these tiny changes made such a huge impact on my life is because they boiled down further into daily habits and a decision to “live life deliberately”.

From an early point in my life, I already instilled the idea in my head that money was not a motivating factor to my goals and that I found joy and fullness in bringing joy to others, most importantly, my little sister.  The internet is chalk full with article after article about CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs who regard “passion” as the key to success, but readers never really understand this idea until they too find something they are passionate about. Passion is just as elusive as the definition of love, but when you find it and you understand it in yourself, it’s the most powerful tool of motivation.  I walked away from lecture 1 with my favorite quote to date, “The best way to not be average is to have passion for what you do” and the fact that when tackling a goal, “There is no wish, you just do it or you do not”.